「important notice」

email service to addresses on jaiden.sh and nothingneko.xyz is currently unavailable due to a transition to icloud mail.

please email [email protected]

hey, i'm jaiden, i go by neko on the internet

i'm what the stallmanists call a "dirty fucking corpo"

i'm a pmo consultant and ib candidate by day, and the coo at fyra labs by all other times

please direct any american express mailers and other mail to [email protected]


Jaiden Riordan (nothingneko) [email protected]


stuff i've done and fun facts

ubuntu mate - i am to blame for yaru on it

made some octii themes, anyone remember octii?

i got a centos stream desktop to run as an ostree - i think i was the first to do this

macos on a chromebox anyone? i did this once

i own most of the first party retail 3ds library - did you know its incredibly easy to mod your 3ds?

this site used to be a html port of a site written for the gopher protocol. why? fuck if i know

i'm a prime example of the gifted boy --> trans catgirl pipeline

my favourite fish is the tiktaalik

so long and thanks for all the fish (i am a cat after all)